Pipeline Construction
and Maintenance

Safety Is Our #1 Priority!

Safety Bulletin Board

We like to keep our solutions to safety problems accessible to everyone. This keeps it from becoming too complex. What good is Safety if only the Safety Reps understand it?

Field Level Hazard Assessment (FLHA)

Sometimes a JSA for the whole just isn't enough specificity when the crew breaks out into smaller subsets. These FLHAs are designed so that those smaller breakout crews can stay focused on the hazards for their specific tasks.

New Training Courses

Advanced Leadership Training for Supervisory Personnel

Expounds upon realivant psycological principles to strengthen company wide involvement in positive reinforcement of the workforce.

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Hazard Management

Thorough instruction on the process of identifing, prioritizing, mitigating, reporting, communicating, and documenting hazards on the job site.

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Accident/Incident Investigation

Classroom and hands-on instruction on the proper response to accidents, incidents, and near misses. Includes practical exercises on completing accident, incident, and near-miss documentation; investigation: and follow-up / corrective action.

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