Pipeline Construction
and Maintenance

Our Company

Our vision is to deliver our products and services safely, on time, and in a manner expected by our clients.

Our company began in 1969 with 2 welders and a welding rig, and we have now grown to roughly 500 employees. We have a proven track record with 43 years of experience, and a 40+ year relationship with several large pipeline operators. Our supervisory personnel have an average of 15-18 years' experience, and our operators and laborers have an average of 12-15 years' experience. Safety is our top priority and we have many safety features such as job safety analyses, checklists, audits, and driving performance monitored in real-time. We have a prompt emergency response team equipped with Mobile Command Post. We host quarterly Safety Council Meetings. We are a Kinder Morgan Contractor Safety Award winner for the U.S. & Canada recipient (2015).


Larry E. Bell



Dan Norton

Vice President


Barry Conkle

General Manager of Operations



Johnny Bible

General Superintendant


Keith Campbell

Safety Director


Wayne Adams

Shop Manager


Mary Alyce

Head of Accounting

(256)253-2676 ext 130

Charlie Whiten

Regulatory and Compliance Manager

(256)253-2676 ext 119

John Bell

Director of Online Presence and Innovation