Pipeline Construction
and Maintenance

Current Clients

Why our clients choose L.E. Bell Construction Co., Inc.

Experienced Leaders

Started in 1965, L.E. Bell Construction Co., Inc. has always employeed the most experienced and most capable leaders for its pipeline construction jobs. You can be assured your job will not be the first of its kind we have completed.

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Quality of Work

The Highest Standards are applied to all of the work that each crew L.E. Bell Construction Co., Inc. utilizes. Our team is dedicated to ensuring the highest quality work along with the safety jobsites that can be envisioned.

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We have been in the business for over 40 years. Our clients choose us because they know we will be available tomorrow and the next day.

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Why work

with us

L.E. Bell Construction Co., Inc. embodies everything your company values such as Safety, Quality of Work, and Experience. We take pride in our work just as you do in yours. Working with L.E. Bell Construction Co., Inc. will enhance your company's core values.

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100% Effort

Given Each Day

Each of our Leaders and Employees give 100% of their capabilities each day. True value is realized when working with a dedicated team that endevours to complete the job fully and efficiently.

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